create your own style to suit your product

With Tikui, craft static component, use them into your applications or add graphical components easily and simply thanks to Pattern Library starter.

Free software lead by passionated UI developers.

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Start crafting components

You want to create your own components. You can start with one component that will be integrated into your application.

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Integrate a UI provided by a designer

Do the integration on the Pattern Library to make it usable for Front-End developers.

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Bring consistency when your applications styles looks like a patchwork

Capitalize on your style, rework your components and bring consistency to your application by keeping your graphical identity safe. You can do it iteratively by starting with simple components.

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Free software and community driven

Tikui is and will always be a free software tool. Check out on GitHub.

Read the doc

Learn how to get up and running with Tikui, work with atoms, molecules, organisms and templates, and create your own Pattern Library.


Links to articles and resources around Atomic Design and Design Systems.